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We replace PlayStation and Xbox HDMI Ports and many other services. We also sell good used laptops and desktop computers, most with solid state drives, and a 2 year warranty.

My name is Matthew Webster Owner of Economy Computer Repair. People ask me from time to time what makes my company different than other computer repair companies.

     My company builds lasting business relationships, that have stood the time from the day Economy Computer Repair first opened its doors. If we have your business. Then you have my companies support. We invite you to become a member of our rather large computer repair family. Call if you need us. We will be here for you.

                                    Laptops are fragile. Ways to prevent Breakage

  1. Don't put a laptop on the floor.  You would be surprised in the number of laptops that need repair from being stepped on. 

  2.  Many laptops that come in for repair are from tripping over the charging cord. Stage your laptop safely for charge.

  3. No liquids should be near your laptop. Many laptops sustain damage from spills, that prove to be too costly for repair.  Only a few drops is all it takes in many cases. 

Support your local small business. Become a member of the Economy Computer Repair Family.

 SSD for your computer is a good investment.​​

The typical drive that most people have in their computer these days even today, is still for many of us a mechanical drive.  Most new computers come with either Hybrid mechanical or just straight mechanical. (Some new have Solid State). Both are more or less a bottleneck for the performance of your machine.  Your computer will only be as fast as your hard drive can read and write.  You may have 16 gigs of ram.  Chances are you are not able to use as much of that ram because of the speed of your mechanical drive.  If you replace you're mechanical for solid state drive, you should see a dramatic change in the performance of your computer.  Your computer is much more responsive.  Windows boots faster and game levels load in a snap. The difference between using an SSD and an HDD for your primary storage is like night and day, and once you take the SSD plunge there's no going back. 
       If you still have windows 7 you may want to consider moving to Windows 10, it is much faster.  I recommend full install, not upgrade to Windows 10.  The upgrades work well sometimes, sometimes not.

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